Best Large Breed Puppy Food Feeding Large Breeds Grain Free Being honest, when feeding grain free top quality kibble, or any dry dog food, large and giant breeds really don't require specific nutrients that can't be present in a food for mid-size or small breeds. As long as they're done growing that is. Heed this warning with, especially with GIANT breed dogs! Great Danes as an example usually takes nearly two years to complete their growth period. Mm, then sadly, four years later they're older persons! One suggestion however with adult large breed dogs, is to help keep joint maintenance in mind. Most dogs in this breed class, or any active or working breed, can perform an a number on their joints with orthopedic stress. Some of the greatest large breed grain free and large breed dry dog food includes supplements such as for instance chondroiten and glucosamine, that is always a plus. As extra security for a healthier dog and to make sure joint health, quite a few top dog food review picks include glucosamine and chondroitin, plus antioxidants and good fatty acids. Finally, some large and giant breeds have sensitive digestive tracts, so we've included formulas that have digestive enzymes, prebiotic & probiotics. Best Large Breed Grain Free - How We Picked To start, and since there are countless grain free dog food formulas available, we spent a huge amount of time reviewing ingredient panels and labels. We looked over brands from trusted online retailers and brands offered at brick and mortar pet stores. We talked to fellow large breed owners to have their reviews via phone, email, and our Great Dane discussion platform established in 2005. Next, we analyzed ingredients one formula at any given time cutting brands that contained anything but specified meat or fish protein sources in the very first three ingredients (the majority of the food). We considered only top quality grain free kibble with quality sourced ingredients. Plus, formulas with quality sourced fats and omegas 6 & 3, minimal carbohydrates if any, and good fiber from fresh fruit and vegetables. Formulas with chelated or sequestered minerals only like amino acids, complexes and chelates made the cut. Some brands include joint support supplements, antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Fifteen formulas passed our dog food review as best large breed grain free available. Note, there might be a few we missed and many grain free kibble formulas were good, but included carbohydrates, egg or starch as the 3rd ingredient. These brands were omitted as (non meat) ingredients like this are used to boost kibble protein levels.